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Data collection and Pavement Diagnostics

Data collectionRoad Vector Model is reference Base for all Road Data (Road Inventory, Pavement Data, Road Structures, etc.) which are collected; all Data are linearly referenced to corresponding Road Section.

Operation of Data Collection is a centralized process, this means that it is operated by staff of Road Databank itself. The main reason for that is the fact, the Data Collection Methodology is rather complicated and it demands permanently trained group of specialists. Centralization of Pavement Diagnostics operation is determined by difficult operation and economic effectiveness of pavement equipment. Road Databank Department is formed in such a way, the main activities are supported by own technology and operated by own personal capacity. Road Data are collected and processed at central level and put into use to Road Administrators at local level.

Data collection is realized by special equipment technologically suitable for particular purpose supported by software tools developed by equipment manufacturers or especially developed for this purpose within Information System of Road Network Model.

Road Databank operates modern technical equipment for Road Diagnostics and Data Collection of Reference Network and other Road Inventory Data:

  • VIDEOCAR – quick visual inspections of pavement surface
  • LINESCAN – recording of pavement surface defects
Special equipped cars for reference network data and other Inventory Data collection (DGPS technology and software application for Data collection)

Pavement diagnostics

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Updated: 14.9.2016

Published: 25.11.2010


PF 2018

PF 2018


Road Databank thanks for your cooperation in the previous year and wishes good luck, health and success in the New Year – 2018! 

Oversized and excessive transport – changes since January 1st, 2016

Oversized and excessive transport – changes since January 1st, 2016


Since January 1st, 2016 there is possibility of multiple (repeated) transports with duration of maximum three or six months. These multiple transports are charged two and half times or five times more as a charge of single transport or transport intention.

There is the regulation of Ministry of transport, construction a regional development of the Slovak republic regarding a procedure of permission for special usage of roads, entered into force since January 1st, 2016.


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