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GIS Ostrava 2015 - Surface models for geosciences

Technical University of Ostrava campus, the New Hall building, Ostrava, Czech Republic, January 26-28, 2015

The main objective of the conference is to present and discuss new methods, issues and challenges encountered in all steps of gradual development, maintenance and utilization of digital surface models and their integration with various spatial data and models.

Furthermore, the conference provides a platform to discuss requirements, features and research approaches for virtual reality, 3D modeling, continuous field modeling and other geosciences applications.


Optical remote sensing and photogrammetry for elevation data, LIDAR for elevation data, GNSS/GPS for elevation data, Elevation data pre-processing, Surface model construction, Semi-automated and fully-automated methods of surface model construction, Surface model storage, Maintenance and update of surface models, Big Data processing (including data generalization, parallel computing), Analysis of surface models (including multi-scale analysis), Static and dynamic visualization of surface models, Surface model for 3D visualization and VRML. 3D printing, Spatial infrastructures for surface models, distribution and sharing, Licensing, price, policy….

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PF 2021

PF 2021


Road Databank thanks for your cooperation in the previous year and wishes good luck, health and success in the New Year- 2021 !

Data provision - changes

Data provision - changes


An update of the infrastructure for providing data of the central technical registry of roads via web services on September 13, 2019 is planned. The freely available web services will be available directly through the Road Data Bank website after this change.

TMC Location tables v4.0

TMC Location tables v4.0


TMC Location Tables for Slovakia, number 51, version 4.0  (hereinafter „LT SK v4.0“) has passed TISA certification on 24 September 2018. This product is compliant with group of standards EN ISO 14819 and TISA specifications. Slovak Road Administration is owner of this product; the author is the company CEDA Slovakia, spol. s r.o.. Distribution of LT SK v4.0 performs Slovak Road Administration, Road Databank Department.



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