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Kuab FWD 50

Kuab - bearing capacity measurement

KUAB FWD (Falling Weight Deflectometer)  is a device capable of delivering dynamic loads to the pavement surface, similar in magnitude and duration to that of a single moving, heavy wheel load. The response of the pavement system is measured in terms of vertical deformation, or deflections, over a given area using deflection sensors. 


  • car – Toyota Landcruiser
  • single axle/ double axle trailer with bump sensors and thermometers for measuring air and road surface temperature
    weight 1600 – 1800 kg, lenght 5,2 m x width1,9 m x height 2,5 m
  • odometer
  • control computer with accessories
  • KUAB software for device control and analysis of measured data


  Kuab - interiérmeasurement parameters:

  • load range : 12 –50 kN
  • load rise time : 23 – 17 msec
  • load duration : 60 – 40 msec
  • segmented load boards: priemer 300 mm
  • bend sensors
  • number of seismomoters : 7 pcs
  • accuracy : 1 mikrometer
  • temperature measuring
  • air thermometer
  • infrared thermometer for measuring road surface temperature

Kuab - detail obtained road characteristics:

  • vertical deformation, or deflections
  • bearing capacity


 Updated: 14.9.2016

Published: 1.12.2010


Certifikácia a distribúcia LT TMC SK v5.0

Certifikácia a distribúcia LT TMC SK v5.0


TMC Location Tables for Slovakia, number 51, version 5.0  (hereinafter „LT SK v5.0“) has passed TISA certification on 13 December 2022. This product is compliant with group of standards EN ISO 14819 and TISA specifications. Slovak Road Administration is owner of this product; the author is the company CEDA Slovakia, spol. s r.o.. Distribution of LT SK v5.0 performs Slovak Road Administration, Road Databank Department.

TP 103 for abnormal transport

TP 103 for abnormal transport


Technical Conditions TP 103 - Excessive and oversized transport were approved by Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic and taken into force since 20.05.2021. Detailed instructions according to this agenda are available at web page Transport routes.

PF 2021

PF 2021


Road Databank thanks for your cooperation in the previous year and wishes good luck, health and success in the New Year- 2021 !


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