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TMC Location tables for Slovakia - LT SK v4.0

 Identification dates:  
 Country code 
 Location table number  51
 Version  4.0
 Table type  Public

(hereinafter „LT SK v4.0“)

 Certificate N° 2018-122-SK  LT SK v4.0 has passed TISA certification on 24 September 2018. This product is compliant with group of standards EN ISO 14819 and TISA specifications.

 LT SK v4.0 covers all motorways, expressways, 1st and 2nd class roads, selected 3rd class roads as well as selected urban streets. Exceptionally, some unimportant end-sections of 2nd class roads are omitted, in one case, (I/79) an unimportant end-section of a 1st class road is also omitted.

 LT SK v4.0 covers 3rd class road sections functionally equivalent to 2nd class roads and town thoroughfares of 3rd class roads playing an important role as urban streets. As a rule, 3rd class roads are not encoded in full length, instead just their important sections are encoded.

 LT SK v4.0 covers selected urban streets in cities of Bratislava and Košice, in regional capitals and in county seat towns with the exception of small county seats under approx. 10,000 inhabitants. Coverage of urban streets includes important urban arteries and, where applicable, diversion routes to those arteries.

 In Slovakia, there are some town by-passes which are not yet officially classified as part of a main route and formally they are short separate roads numbered using a letter index (i.e. main route is still led through the town although the by-pass already exists). This is however just a temporary state in official evidence. In location tables, future routing is already used: the by-pass is always included into main route while the town-thoroughfare section is encoded as a separate road (for now, with the same road number as main route but with different FN and SN).

 LT SK v4.0 contains not only existing objects but also objects under construction or in the construction preparation process on the date of release of location tables.

 Updated Event List in Slovak language is distributed together with LT SK v4.0. Event List v2.0 conforms to ISO 14819-2 : 2013 standard.

Event List is distributed in Microsoft Excel format and contains sheets with translations of individual codes (Events, Forecasts, Supplementary Information) and quantifier values (short and long quantifiers).

To obtain the LT SK v4.0 distribution package there are following necessary steps to perform:

  1. To fill in the document „Questionnaire“ and „Acceptance protocol


 Questionnaire LT v4.0

 „Acceptance protocol

Acceptance protocol LT v4.0 

 and to send both signed documents as follows:

       Slovenská správa ciest

       odbor cestnej databanky

       Miletičova 19

       P.O.BOX 19

       829 19  Bratislava

       Slovak Republic

2.      After obtaining scanned documents mentioned above, to the LT SK v3.2 distribution package will be sent to the e-mail address of the aplicant

3.     Distribution of LT SK v 4.0 is free of charge.


Updated: 29.6.2020

Published: 27.10.2018


TP 103 for abnormal transport

TP 103 for abnormal transport


Technical Conditions TP 103 - Excessive and oversized transport were approved by Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic and taken into force since 20.05.2021. Detailed instructions according to this agenda are available at web page Transport routes.

PF 2021

PF 2021


Road Databank thanks for your cooperation in the previous year and wishes good luck, health and success in the New Year- 2021 !

Data provision - changes

Data provision - changes


An update of the infrastructure for providing data of the central technical registry of roads via web services on September 13, 2019 is planned. The freely available web services will be available directly through the Road Data Bank website after this change.


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