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Videocarmain parts:

  • car– VW Caravelle
  • camera
  • oedometer
  • operation unit
    • LCD display, keyboard
    • computer
    • VideocarCD recorder,
    • Videorecorder
  • software for previewing recorded section-  CarDIS Browser

measurement parameters:

  • measuring speed 30 – 40 km/h (depends on frequency of events)
  • pictures taken every 20 – 50 m (can be changed during recording)

achieved charakterics:

  • 15 linear or point road characterics through console + keyboard combinations
  • continual video record of roads
  • digital picture records of road stored in computer


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Published: 1.12.2010


PF 2019

PF 2019


Road Databank thanks for your cooperation in the previous year and wishes good luck, health and success in the New Year  – 2 0 1 9!

TMC Location tables v4.0

TMC Location tables v4.0


TMC Location Tables for Slovakia, number 51, version 4.0  (hereinafter „LT SK v4.0“) has passed TISA certification on 24 September 2018. This product is compliant with group of standards EN ISO 14819 and TISA specifications. Slovak Road Administration is owner of this product; the author is the company CEDA Slovakia, spol. s r.o.. Distribution of LT SK v4.0 performs Slovak Road Administration, Road Databank Department.



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